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 A.I.R. Clan Rules

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PostSubject: A.I.R. Clan Rules   A.I.R. Clan Rules Icon_minitimeMon 02 Apr 2012, 08:20

A.I.R. prides itself on its mature and relaxed attitude. We like to think of ourselves as a family and will try to support each other if the need arises.  We have our fun, nonsensical, chatty, serious and quiet times and you are free to contribute to these as little or as much as you feel.  We don't insist that you attend any events although it's nice to get together now and then. Some help in the citadel each week would be nice but again if this is not your scene, then there is no pressure to take part.  The following are guidelines on what is expected of A.I.R. members though.

1.  Be welcoming and polite to visitors and other members but above all be mature.

  • If you have an issue with someone, then take it to pm with them if you want to sort it out.

  • If you don't want to hear or talk to them, then use the ignore button.

  • If you think it merits it, then take it to a mod but please remember a mod is on for some relaxation too.

  • Do not cause drama in the chat. This only causes disruption and make everyone uncomfortable.

  • We have mixed ages, nationalities, etc so think before you speak.  If in doubt then it's better left unsaid.

  • Don't get annoyed when there is no response, people may be busy or have chat off. Try pming or try later.

  • Don't brag about your wealth. This can depress some people who are finding it hard to work their way up.

  • Don't force your opinions on others, debate your point of view politely but accept that others may not agree.

2. No spamming or begging.

  • There is enough spam in game without spam in the clan chat as well.  We will be sympathetic if you die or are hacked and may even help out but don't ask for or expect it.

3. Don't be lazy in finding out things for yourself.

  • That's what the wiki is for. While most of the members are happy to give advice when asked for, it can get tedious to be constantly giving answers that are available on the wiki. There are guides out there for almost everything. If you get stuck on a particular part of a quest, need some specific advice on a skill or have the odd question then yes of course we are happy to try to help.

4. Try to use proper English at all times.

  • We all make typos and some of us are not the best spellers but we do ask that you try to keep internet and text speak to a minimum.  

5. A.I.R. as a clan follows Jagex rules.

  • We are mature enough to realise that rules get broken but if you are a rule breaker in any way, either by botting, auto typing, account sharing, etc, keep that to yourself.  We do not condone it therefore we do not want to hear of it.

If you feel unable to follow these guidelines, then perhaps A.I.R. is not for you.  However, we hope you agree that these really are just common sense and courtesy and if this is for you, then welcome to A.I.R. because this is what we strive to attain.  Enjoy your game!
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A.I.R. Clan Rules
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