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 This is AIR!

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PostSubject: This is AIR!   This is AIR! Icon_minitimeTue 02 Jul 2013, 08:40

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A.I.R - Against Immature Runescapers
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Clan Chat Name: AIR
Member Home World: 86
Free Home World: 87

»What is A.I.R?
A.I.R is a community that has been up and running since August 16th, 2009. It's a community open to people who want to encounter a mature and friendly environment when they login for their daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly dose of RuneScape. You're free to come and go as you please, as this community is all about enjoying your time spent online and maybe meet a few good, equally-minded friends in the process.
As it is a community dedicated to highlight a more social aspect of the game, there are no character-related requirements to join A.I.R. Thus, players of any level, F2P and P2P are welcome to join.

»What does A.I.R have to offer?
In addition to offering a mature and friendly atmosphere to the community, A.I.R also offers other things such as:

• Skill of the Week, commonly referred to as 'Sotw'. A popular competition within the community which encourages you to train a skill you normally wouldn't, alongside fellow A.I.R members. The objective is to get as much Xp as possible in the said skill over the course of the week, running Monday-Sunday. This competition is usually held twice a month.

• A.I.R also has an active off-site forum, hosted by nsguru. From here most of the events are hosted. However, being registered on the off-site forum is not needed to participate in any of the in-game events or competitions.

• Member-hosted events
• Clan Citidel
• Hangouts and house parties

This community houses people from all over the world, and you can usually find someone in the chat at any hour of the day. As of this moment our busiest hours are roughly 7 PM-03 AM Game Time (BST during summers, GMT during winters).

RuneScape Forums Quick find code: 290-291-314-65026803

So what are you waiting for? Sign on up Very Happy
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This is AIR!
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